Monday, November 30, 2009

Swifthack or ClimateGate?

Hmmm... seems the Melting Cult likes to call all those intercepted, conspirational emails from their priests of pollution "SwiftHack". This is of course a slam on the "deniers" (as they like to call them) and the whole ClimateGate email debacle.
See, the Melters can't stand to admit that the very foundation of their religion is false- as revealed by the emails. They claim the Earth's temperature is rising, yet the very emails I'm talking about say it isn't, and that this information must be kept from naysayers. Wow.
So what's with "Swifthack"? Well, on a lark, I wiki'd "Swiftboating" and sure enough, "swiftboating" is what the libtards call personal attacks. They derive this from the Swift Boat Vets who rallied against Hanoi John Kerry when he ran for President. The wiki page is hilarious, mentioning how all but a few of the accusations against Kerry couldn't be proven. Uh... that means some WERE proven. So swiftboating wouldn't be an accurate replacement for ad hominem. Yep, the leftards, who fancy themselves better than the rest of us, love to use big words. Ad Hominem is an attack on a person. As in, "Al Gore is a dumbass, so Global Warming can't be true". That would be an ad hominem argument, as it doesn't matter whether Al Gore is a dumbass or not- he could still be right on a subject despite his IQ. 
In effect then, the Melters claim that the emails do not sink the Global Warming boat, and that suggestions that they do are false. How that's an adhominem argument is beyond me. But then, the left is never known for logical thinking.  
Emails were hacked- True. Emails were between Melters- True. Emails detailed talk of concealing data andblocking peer review of "findings"- True.
You know the last time something big in science came up and others weren't allowed to test it, or couldn't test it, was Desktop (Cold Fusion). And the guys proposing it could be done were ridiculed. Science sure is impartial, isn't it?
What cracks me up is all the "scientists" who slap the word "science" on a theory and then hide behind the word like it's a religion. How dare we ignorant peasants question SCIENCE!

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