Monday, November 30, 2009

Global Warming and Santa Claus

Well, finally, Dr. Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer, has commented on Climategate.
Until recently, I thought Dr. Plait was one of the coolest guys on the Internet. Then I started noticing that he constantly mocks and slams Creationism. I know, there's a lot there to mock, as many of the Creationists come across like Grade-A lunatics, but still, I gots to go by what the Bible tells me. But that's an argument for another time.
Nope, Dr. Plait has now clearly demonstrated his card-carrying membership in the Melting Cult.
"One reason I haven't talked about it is because I think it's a non-issue. These files are not evidence of fraud."
Uh, Dr. Plait, if scientists lied and conspired to misrepresent data to push the Anthroprogenic Global Warming idea (or whatever they call it), then yes, that is Fraud;
"fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual" (Courtesy wikipedia)
"You need to ask: do these emails and other hacked files change the actual science, the actual conclusions drawn by those scientists?"
Uh, yes, if data was changed, then yes, it should alter findings. I mean, if there are records showing a decrease in global temperatures, and it was changed to show an increase, then yeah, that's pretty altering.
"Bottom line? Yawn. Get back to me when you have equally overwhelming evidence that global warming is not happening, or if it is it's not anthropogenic. Then we can talk."
Geez, that's like saying "when you have overwhelming evidence that Santa didn't bring presents on Christmas morning, get back to me."
See, that's what we have here- a Santa-like argument.
Presents do appear every Christmas morning. It's a fact- like the supposed rise in global temperatures the Melters preach. But are that Clausprogenic or Parentprogenic? If you decide to test this theory after getting your presents, how can you prove it either way? Dust for prints? Just declare the idea that Santa can't exist as proof enough?
Santa is a real person, by Christian standards. St. Nicholas was present at the Council of Nicea, and helped lay the foundation of the Church. His tomb is regularly visited by thousands, every year. He's the frickin' Patron Saint of Pawnbrokers. And, again from a Christian perspective, if he was a Saint, then he is enjoying eternal life, alongside Jesus right now. Maybe he lives in Heaven, maybe at the Northpole. Maybe Heaven is at the Northpole?
But how do we know that Santa brought those presents? How do we know our parents didn't bring those presents? It's far more likely that our parents, who had access to the Christmas tree and stockings, and who were home Christmas night, left the presents. But it's still a theory, either way.
Global Warmers claim that man is responsible for global warming. But how do they know that the sun isn't responsible? The sun has been around for billions of years (if you're a Darwinist- thousands, if you're a Creationist). SUVs have only been around for what, 20 years? If the sun were responsible for changes in temperature, there'd be like, a historic record of that. You know, in periods where there were no SUVs. Like when the Vikings lived in Greenland.
Sorry, Melters, but there's far more evidence that Santa brings presents on Christmas morning, than there is that mankind is responsible for the Earth warming. Of course, you probably lie to your kids and tell them there's no Santa, too.

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