Friday, April 06, 2018

You (Don't) Get What You Paid For

This is a lesson in bargain shopping on

So, last night, I spent hours shopping for a new holster for one of my handguns. I chanced upon a holster that can accommodate full-sized handguns made by a company called OneTigris. The price was right--that is, cheap, so I ordered one.

Now, keep in mind, I only needed this holster for range trips. It's for a handgun I don't carry around all the time, or I'd spring for a quality Bianchi or Uncle Mike's. But since this was for plinking, I decided to save some money. I also decided that since it was only a few dollars more, I'd forego the free "two day" shipping Amazon offers Prime members, and get next-day delivery, to ensure my holster would be here in time for my Saturday range trip.

Friday night, "by 8PM" came and went. No holster. I logged onto Amazon and found out that my delivery was "delayed" and shipping was expected for April 7th to 10th". Say what?

I called into, and spoke to one of their untouchables posing as an American. I explained my package hadn't arrived, and that I wanted my express shipping fees refunded.

"Oh, I am sorry, sir, but we cannot do that. It is still friday. We cannot process your refund until tomorrow."

That is complete horsesh*t. It not only shows how much of a scam Prime is, but it also reveals a lot about OneTigris, the manufacturer of the holster in question. I'd never heard of them before, but there were a lot of fake 5-star reviews up for the holster, which led to me buying it.

If a company can't manage to send something overnight in this modern day and age, then clearly, they don't know what they'r doing. It's a nylon holster, not a concrete block. How hard could it really be to Fedex that?

Outsourcing to China to manufacture cr*p to save a few coins is one thing, but if you can't manage to ship your products out, then I don't trust you or your junk.

Order cancelled, never buying from "OneTrigis" again.

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