Monday, February 13, 2017

CHOWMAGEDDON: Post Apocalyptic Author Leo Nix

This week on Chowmageddon, we talked to Post Apocalyptic Author Leo Nix about eating after the End of the World...

1. How long have you been writing post-apocalyptic fiction or non-fiction?
6 months - 2 books published and one in final stages of first draft and loving it.

2. What kind of apocalyptic event do you find most interesting?
Terrorists, destruction of social structure

3. What kind of apocalyptic event do you fear the most?
An asteroid

4. Are you a prepper? At what level do you consider yourself? 
Yes and no. Myy mind leans that way and I have plans if there is a catastrophe and talk with friends about where to go and what to do etc.

5. Where do you think the ideal place to live is prior to an apocalyptic event?
A farm, for sure.

6. Shelter-in-place, or bug out?
Bug out to the countryside and escape heavily populated areas.

7. What do plan to eat in the apocalypse?
Home grown food, but in the early stages I will have to scavenge and loot from houses and shopping centers.

8. What foods do you regularly stock in your home that would be adaptable to a post-apocalyptic situation?
Dried foods: nuts, mueslie, flour, beans, grains, seeds, rice etc.

9. What is your preferred preservation method for post-apocalyptic foods? 
Dried for sure--can be stored forever. Freeze dried is too expensive unless you know how to do it at home. Dried foods can be home made with a simple dryer.

10. What's the primary factor for you in deciding on a survival food? Taste? Weight? Nutritional Value? Ease of preparation?
Has to be nutrition first then taste and ease of preparation.

11. What's the worst "survival food" you've ever tasted?
None really, I wouldn't eat something that didn't taste nice anyway.

12. What's the best?
Beef jerky and nuts/mueslie. And in fact, you can cook just about anything given raw ingredients and water on a gas cooker or wood fire.

13. Any special survival recipes you have up your camouflaged sleeves?
Easy recipes, just mix and add water. In fact, home made bread is perhaps the nicest.

14. What's the best survival food tip you've ever heard? 
Swiss army knife/leatherman, good shoes and clothing if you have to live in them for any length of time. There's heaps of tips out there.

If you'd like to check out some of Leo's work, he has 2 post-apocalyptic novels set in the Australian deserts country in south Australia, Queensland and Northern Territory, with a third on the way:

Sundown Apocalypse -
Sundown Apocalypse 2: Urban Guerrilla -

Coming Soon:
Sundown Apocalypse 3: Homeland Defense - should be on Amazon by the end of February

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