Thursday, September 08, 2016

Latest Release: Spectral Ops

Eastern France, April 2017... the small town of Moyenne has gone dark. No sign of life can be detected. Police and military forces sent to investigate are never heard from again. Storm clouds hang low in the sky, obscuring the small, idyllic village from the peering eyes of satellites, and thick static prevents any drone from being sent in. Detachment 1039, America's Preternatural Combat Operations unit is inserted from the air, a small squad of supernatural soldiers enters the town, quickly discovering France has been invaded by a spectral army that cannot be killed. A battle between the living and the dead must be won, and quickly, as the spirits in Moyenne are increasing their numbers, one soul at a time, and nothing seems able to stop them...

All good things must come to an end, and that includes the Stone Soldiers series. Book 12, Winters' Fury will release Winter 2016-17, wrapping up the 12-book story arc about a girl meeting a grandfather she never knew she had, getting superpowers, and joining the fight against the forces of evil.

But the story doesn't end there. In November, Earth's supernatural soldiers take the battle against evil off-world, bringing the fight into the shadows in Shadow Raiders. This new twice-a-year series will follow Detachment 1039 as they battle monsters on their home turf, visiting other planes of existence in each volume.

The Detachment then returns to once-a-month duty in December, with Spectral Ops, a series of shorter, but more frequently released tales of supernatural warfare. As a sneak peek of the new series, Book 1, Spectral Ops is available now on Kindle and Kindle Select, with a print edition launching later this month. The regular series should then start releasing in time for Christmas, with one new battle per month.

Finally, return to the past in Outlaws of Olympus, a weird western series of short fiction, monthly releases that follow Hercules as he battles his Olympian family in the Wild West. Or for something more recent, revisit Shadow Detachment this January as a new series of short stories continue to reveal the history of Detachment 1039 through the 20th Century as they battle evil around the globe. 

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