Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So I was reading one of my favorite sites recently,, and I noticed a link to a review of MACHETE the new mexploitation flick starring Danny Trejo. The link led me to's GEEKDAD section.

After I read the article I checked out the comments and was shocked to see a parent talking about how the movie might not be appropriate for the average kids due to the boobage, but that hers were jaded to that kind of thing.

Yeah, HERS. The writer of this GeekDAD article was a chick. Kathy Ceceri, to be exact. In looking over Geek "dad" some more, I found two more chicks regularly contributing: Jenny Williams and Corrina Lawson.


Can men have nothing? It's bad enough modern society has protrayed dads as ignorant boobs barely trustworthy enough to carry the shopping bags of their braless, independant women spouses. But now the byotches want to take away our "Dad" title? First it was actress- a word that isn't used anymore in favor of Actor. Now this. What's next, will we all be "Men" regardless of our posture when urinating?

Hey, Wired, if you're that hard up for men to write your articles, feel free to reprint any of my ramblings. Or, if the chicks are threatening you with lawsuits, give them their own "Geekmom" section. I'd tell you to have the balls to stand up to the feminists in your midst, but I'm guessing that phrase has lost it's meaning to you.

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Troglodad said...

Well, maybe this will make me feel better. I emailed about the extreme chickage in their "geekdad" section.

What is with Chicks writing for Geek DAD?!

I have found three female authors for your geekdad column:

Jenny Williams
Corrina Lawson
Kathy Ceceri

And Ms. Ceceri is an unfit parent, who points at the the severe boobage in the film Machete is inappropriate for other kids to see, but didn't care her kids saw it, because "they're jaded."

If you guys are so hard up for men to write columns, let me know. I bitch and complain on an almost daily basis online at

Yeah, that's TrogloDAD. No chicks allowed.