Saturday, January 02, 2010

2010: The Year We Make Contact- but not on Netflix...

So, there I was wanting to watch a movie on January 1, 2010. What better film to choose than the classic "2010"?
Now, I don't like the movie enough to own it. And since Blockbuster closed their store in my hometown, my alternative is Netflix. And I do loves stremaing movies onto my Xbox on Netlfix.
So I went to my Queue, and prepared to click on 2010- I'd already added it there a few weeks ago.
It's gone.
It was there December 31, 2009.
But now it's gone.
Now, I ask you, does it make ANY damned sense to remove the movie 2010 from the streaming movies, in 2010? Does this mean 2012 will be removed from streaming (assuming it ever makes it there) January 1, 2012? What other movie will be watched more in January than 2010? I mean, this is "the year we make contact" people!
Maybe Netflix is hoping I'll go to rent through the US Postal service, get tired of waiting and buy a copy from them.
Like hell.
I'm not paying Netflix for something I could have watched for free mere days ago. I'll go to the store and buy it.

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