Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I was quite crushed to learn today I missed out on a Crow T Robot figurine with the boxed set for the 20th Anniversary of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
I was a huge fan of MST back in the 90s. In fact, when I was stationed in Germany, the Satellite News (MST3K's fan newsletter) was some of the only mail I ever received. Yep, where my family didn't write me, the good folks at Best Brains sure did...
Now, years, later, I am rediscovering my beloved Satellite of Love episodes thanks to Netflix. I appreciate the show even more now- seeing episodes I was deprived of whilst in Germany. Even better, compared to a lot of the smut on TV these days, I can watch MST3K with my 4 year old and 10 year old daughter. And they love it.
But what I discovered today was that in addition to every episode of this long-running series being released on DVD, a while back they released a special commerative set that included a tiny Crow T Robot figurine. Man, my kids would love to see that added to the hotwheels, spaceships, etc. etc. adorning the walls of my movie room. But I missed it.
I know, I know - instead of being cheap and watching the episdes on Netflix, or even my old VHS copies from when the show was still being aired, I should be buying shiny new DVDs. Then I would know about Crow.
Darn kids, with their expensive clothes, shoes, school, etc. etc.
And now I see that there's a Tom Servo figurine out as well. He comes with Boxed Set XVI, which runs about $55.
I loves me some MST3K, but 4 movies, four CRAPPY movies (that was the point of MST3K) for $55 seems like an awful lot to pay. I can watch the episodes on Netflix for free!
Why, oh why, can't they just sell the Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot figures as stand alones? I'd pay $60 for a Cambot, Tom, Gypsy and Crow!
Worse, as I talk abotu MST3K on Netflix, I realize that Netflix had to purchase the special Crow and Tom Servo boxed sets in roder to rent them. What then happened to all the little Crow and Tom Servo figures? Were they thrown in the trash? Ground up? Taken home by minimum wage workers who gave them to kids oblivious to MST3K's very existence?!
Oh, the humanity! Think of the fans that would have thrilled to own the bots!
And how do I buy the Tom Servo set now, but not the Crow? Tom Servo is incomplete without Crow! Imagine R2D2 without C3PO? Or Starsky without Hutch...
So I plead to you Best Brains- please! For the Love of all Misties everywhere- make us a 4 Bot giftpack! We'll pay money for it and everything!

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Newton Gimmick said...

I agree with everything you said here. Tough to pay that kinda money, but I want the toys.