Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

At first, I wasn't going to make this wish- seeing as how I'm a veteran. Sounds kind of weird to thank yourself. Then I remembered that it always seems that the only people who ever express this to me are family and other veterans.
That's lame.
Do you people realize what veteran's go through when they join the military? Let me put it in very simple terms for you: it's indentured servitude, ie, slavery.
When you're in the military, you don't get to go wherever you want. You're the property of the military and you do what they say. hell, you can't even put your hands in your pockets, or go without a hat, outside (unless you're off duty, of course). You can't call in sick because you want to stay home and play a new video game or sneak out of work early to go catch some new movie.
Then there's that whole risking-your-life-to-protect-others thing. I mention it last, because many civilians live in a candy-coated fantasy world where they think they have the "Right" to do whatever they want wherever they want. Take this 24 year old mother and college graduate I work with. She didn't know that people can't leave China without the government's permission. Political Asylum was a foggy memory she didn't fully recall from high school.
Here's the fact, slackers. Without the military, and the sacrifices of veterans, both in blood, and personal liberties, you would all be calling each other comrade, and working for the same money, or freezing to death while starving, in some Gulag in Alaska. The only thing that keeps other nations from coming in and taking whatever they want from your home is the armed men and women of your military.
Don't think we shoudl be in Iraq or Afghanistan? Fine, you're entitled to your opinion, as uneducated and civilian as it is. But how about for one damn day of the year you put that aside and thank all the current military members and veterans you know for guaranteeing you the right to express that opinion?
We'd really appreciate it.

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