Thursday, October 01, 2009

I finally won something...

I'd like to thank those swell fellers at EA Games for the two prizes surely winging my way through the US Postal system about now:
A Need For Speed: Shift Swag bag and a copy of the game (preferably on the Xbox 360)
I enter a LOT of contests these days. Heck, I've entered a lot of contests my whole life. Even when I hand wrote 670+ 3X5 file cards trying to win a pickup truck, I didn't win. But this contest I won. Twice.
It was all part of their M3 Missions contest, to promote the release of the new game. Each day, you had to do some Mission on Twitter. Luckily, despite me rarely using it, I had a Twitter account and was able to enter two contests: Day 4 and Day 5.
Imagine my surprise when I won on both days! Well, won is a little bit of a stretch- I came in second place with 32 other people and got the cool, aforementioned prizes.
Ironically, I had already planned to buy NFS: Shift, as I love driving games. They let me unleash all that pent up road rage I get during the week thanks to my fellow drivers. I sure can't smash into the cars I see on the road, but on the console.... let's just say finishing a race is not my main goal. Yep, nothing beats driving through the bus station (NFS Most Wanted) or the Mall (Flat Out: Ultimate Carnage) after a particularly bad commute during the day.
Woo-hoo! That's $65 I just saved! Thank you EA!
Man, can you imagine how excited I'd be if I had won the BMW M3 they were giving away...?

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