Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Now here's a great story that truly makes me jealous.

Dad digs up 50ft war bunker

So, apparently this guy in England is doing some yard work- something all dad's hate- when he finds a manhole cover. Not too surprising considering his home is built on the site fo a former airbase. But beneath the cover? A bunker!

A 30x50 foot bunker, left over from WW I and/or II. Awesome!

What guy wouldn't want a bunker they could retire to? Want to listen to some movies turned up all the way? No problem- odds are the neighbors wouldn't hear it- you're in a bunker with concrete walls meant to stop bombs.

The wife bugging you all day to do some job around the house? Or maybe the kids won't leave you alone for five minutes? Go lock yourself in the bunker. Ah, peace and solitude.

And the best thing about this bunker? It's not part of the house. So if the wife ever tells him "You aren't bringing that (insert prohibited item) in my house!" he still has somewhere to take it.

My hat's off to Andy Lewis! I think his backyard bunker is cooler than finding a meteorite in the backyard.

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