Sunday, February 07, 2010

____________ Bowl?

It's Super Bowl sunday- what are you going to do?
Hard as it is for many to believe, I don't watch the Super Bowl. I don't really watch any sports. I don't mind watching my kids play, but I really don't enjoy watching sports for very long. It's like watching a video game- I'd rather play than spectate.
That being said, it's rather ironic this year that I upgraded my basement TV to a larger HD model (good sales this time of year) but won't be tuning in to the Super Bowl.
Now I know that Animal Planet is having a "Puppy Bowl". And I remember when Discovery used to do a Shark Bowl. But I'm having a Zombie Bowl.
I mean, it is SUPER Bowl weekend- I should do something special.
For me and the kids, it'll be a triple feature of "Army of Darkness", "Shaun of the Dead" and "Zombieland"- the latter kicking off when the footballers do.
Zombies not your thing? What about a Jedi Bowl? You could do the Original Trilogy- nothing like ending the day with Darth Vader slamming the Emperor down to win the game for the Rebels.
How about Jones Bowl? That would be the Original Trilogy of Indiana Jones movies. Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls kind of ends on a downer, with Indiana ready to head into the sunset and a retirement home.
Robo Bowl? The RoboCop movies might be a little old, but you have to admit they're good fun.
Bond Bowl? Plenty of flicks to choose from- maybe three different bonds?
JAWS Bowl- although the more you watch, the worse they get.
I like the idea of a Tremors Bowl- except there are four Graboid movies, and the short-lived TV Series come out on DVD in March.
If nothing else, I suppose you could do a Super Bowl; Superman, Superman 2, Superman Returns- you're better off skipping Superman 3 and 4.
But maybe you don't want to sit in front of the TV all day, eating snacks and growing roots.
There's Laundry bowl- but I suppose a lot of people do that every weekend anyway.
Puzzle Bowl? Snacks and jigsaw puzzles don't seem to go so well together.
Game Bowl- maybe play some Xbox 360, or even a board game with the kids.
Aw, well- whatever you choose to do with your day, enjoy it. It's a uniquely American tradition.

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