Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas advice from a convict?

Now, I don't want to complain about any gift I received- because to me the thought is far more important than the quality of the gift. But I find this rather odd...
Co-worker gave out Christmas cards with a few pieces of chocolate. Very nice, conveys the spirit of the season, etc. etc. I appreciated it. Today, I finally got around to eating the candy- some pieces of Dove Milk Chocolate. Good stuff. Tasted great. But the wrappers have me perplexed:
"Embellish store-bought biscotti: dip it in chocolate"- Martha Stewart, one wrapper proclaimed.
"Send a thank you note within two weeks of receiving a gift"- Martha Stewart, another proclaimed.
Did my co-worker give out really old chocolate? Or does Dove think people care what Martha Stewart has to say?
I sure as f*** don't. She's a FELON. A Thief. She was in frickin' prison. Should she be giving out ANY advice, other than: "Don't break the law"? No.
I know, she still has a TV show and lots of housewives and grandmas still watch her. Despite the fact she is a convicted felon. Meanwhile, Tiger Woods is getting dropped from sponsorships because he committed adultery- something that ISN'T a crime in the United States.
I don't condone Mr. Woods' acts- they're reprehensible. And I applaud any company that drops his sorry ass. He is clearly NOT role model material. But why the hell is Martha Stewart, a CRIMINAL, still being fawned over?

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