Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The bumper sticker was on the window of some big truck, and declared "Instead of being born again, why not grow up?"

Ordinarily, I'd have expected a pick up to have something pro-religious or pro-country music, or something. Not this heathen, Darwinistic bullshit.

I'm guessing the driver of the truck is some unhappy, lonely soul who is irritated by how Christians seem to always be in a better mood than him. Instead of being grateful that he was driving a new truck, this idiot instead wants to use it as a billboard to knock religion. Do I drive around with "You! Out of the Gene Pool" on the back of my beater?

The next thought one might have is why doesn't truck man believe? Who says he doesn't? Just because he condemns religion, doesn't mean he doesn't believe God exists. I find a lot of liberal heathen leftards to be against Christianity because they simply don't want to follow God's rules.

But I digress.

Instead of being angry, and knocking other people's beliefs, truck man should be thankful for what he has. We all should be.

A couple of hundred years ago, the Pilgrims were pretty damned thankful to be getting something to eat. They prayed thanks to God at every meal. They thanked the local native Americans for food when they had none.

Look at us now. How many of you ever say grace at the dinner table. People are starving around the world and you take the food on your table totally fr granted. If your cabinets are bare, you can pick up the phone and order out for Pizza, Chinese or who knows what other food. But do you realize that right now, on our little world, there are countless people who don't' know where their next meal is coming from? Or who haven't had a decent meal in days?

Look around you- you can see your surroundings thanks to electricity. How many people in the world have that in their homes? Or running water? Or indoor toilets?

So your girlfriend broke up with you. So you have bills to pay. So you have a crappy job. Big f-ing deal. You've got food in your belly, electric lights over your head, and probably somewhere to sleep tonight. That's pretty good.

Thanksgiving is all about being thankful. Sure, sure, I stuff my cakehole with huge amounts of mashed potatoes and turkey, but I am thankful for every delicious morsel. I don't grab up that plate of seconds because I think it's owed to me. Life doesn't owe me anything. God doesn't owe me anything.

The next time you're feeling down in the dumps, instead of lashing out at others, look up and say a word of thanks. Because it could always be worse.

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