Monday, April 23, 2007


Well, Sheryl Crow has certainly latched on to a unique way to save the world; she's renounced the use of (disposable?) napkins and pledged to use only one square of toilet paper per trip to the potty- although she admits two or three sheets "if you need it" might be appropriate.

I don't know what Sheryl eats, but one square seems a little far-fectched to me. Butt aside from that, what about kleenex? I mean, it's made the same way as napkins and toilet paper. Why not cut back on the snot catchers?

How tissue papers contribute to global wamring is beyond me- unless you burn it. Although, I still don't buy that whole CO2 crapola anyway.

Nonetheless, either Sheryl's overlooked kleenex, she's being paid off by a tissue consortium or she's a complete idiot. In any event, I thought I'd help Sheryl kick off her new "Pick Green" campaign to save the Earth, one tissue at a time.

or for a slightly more tasteful, more lady-like poster:

Way to go Sheryl! Maybe you should switch to Bluegrass Music to, since you're going to be a pickin' and a grinnin'!

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