Sunday, April 01, 2018

2018 A to Z Blogging Challenge: exploring the paranormal

It's time once again for the annual A to Z Blogging Challenge, where you can read daily, letter-themed entries on a variety of Topics.

Over at, the official blog of the Stone Soldiers/Shadow/Detachment/Spectral Ops book series, readers can once again read up on the latest Book of Stone entries describing the people, places and things of past, present, and future Detachment 1039 books.

At, readers will be able to learn all about Apocalyptic Cooking--recipes and cooking tips for the modern shelter.

That just leaves this particular author blog. And since I enjoy writing about the supernatural and paranormal, this year it's going to be an A to Z on some of my favorite paranormal, supernatural, extraterrestrial, and cryptid topics.

Check back daily, all throughout April for a brief description of some of the stranger stories I've come across in my many years of fandom of the field and crafting fiction from our modern folklore.

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