Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Reader Interview: Rocking Reader/Podcaster Simon

Reader Profiles are where regular folks share their reading habits...

Today's guest reader is Simon Whistler, of the Rocking Self Publishing podcast. Simon also narrates audio books, putting his smooth British voice to work to entertain, inform and earn some cash.

How often do you read? How fast do you read?

Everyday, both fiction and non-fiction. I read fiction right before going to bed, usually falling asleep while reading! Despite reading every day it takes me a while to get through a book as I usually only make it through a few pages each evening. If I am travelling then that consumption goes up as I will read fiction to pass the time on long journeys.

As for non-fiction, I listen to audiobooks when they are available. As I listen to these whenever I get a moment (during lunch, while running etc), I find that I get through them much quicker. Usually at least two non-fiction books a month, and that doesn't include shorter books that I will pick up to learn about a specific subject.

Favorite authors?

Currently working my way through all of Mark Dawson's series (he's prolific, so that's quite a lot of reading) and enjoying them immensely.

For non-fiction, I enjoy Malcolm Gladwell particularly.

What are your preferred genres to read for fun? What genres will you NOT read, or dislike reading?

Science fiction is my go to, although I need to take regular breaks from the genre. I've come across books I haven't got along with, but I haven't yet written off an entire genre :).

What influences your choice of book to read for fun?

I'd prefer a series over an epic tome (although I loved King's 11/22/63 - that book, even at 600 some pages, was not long enough). In terms of format, I'm a Kindle person, I read in bed, so no longer do I have to hold up the heavy side of the book every other page ;).

What's the best book you've ever read?

The first thing that comes to mind is 11/22/63, probably because it just came up, but when I think about it, certainly one of my favourite books in recent times. I also stumbled across a book called The Unincorporated Man a couple of years back (don't remember how), which has stuck in my mind for years (usually the sign of something good).

What's the worst book you've ever read?

I don't remember the worst one, I'm sure it was fast forgotten. I didn't enjoy some of the literature that I was forced to go through and pick apart in secondary (high) school. Ethan Frome was not written for a 14 year old boy to enjoy.

What elements make a good story?

I like a well constructed world. Whether that is an entirely made up one, or good research into a real locale.

What makes you roll your eyes or groan in a story?

"Why would they do that? That's not in character!"

Ever watch movies based on books, or read a book because it's already been made into a movie?

Sure, I'm a big movie fan, so I've read a bunch of books based on movies. The usual suspects I'm sure.

Where do you like to read the most?

"Reading" audiobooks while running.

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