Wednesday, January 06, 2010

After much arguing, the rankings thus far have changed, to reflect a more precise scoring system.

Skills as a Captain:

0 Pts- No skills whatsoever

1 Pts- Barely able to perform the duties of a Captain

2 Pts- Below avg abilities, possibly some training

3 Pts- Avg skills, indicating inherent leadership ability or training

4 Pts- Above average skills, from advanced training, inherent leadership, or both

5 Pts- Flawless performance- an inspiring leader of leaders


Leadership: properly managing ship and crew, and inspiring crew

Discipline: Keeps crew and ship in the right direction

Stewardship: takes care of the property (ship & equipment) he is responsible for

Starship Combat Skills

0 Pts- No skills whatsoever, will die, get crew killed and lose ship in first encounter

1 Pt- Possesses only the slimmest chance of surviving space combat, possibly through luck

2 Pts- Below avg ability, more likely to lose combat

3 Pts- Avg ability, reflecting training or natural ability. Wins some, loses some.

4 Pts- Above Avg ability, reflecting luck, training or both. Likely to win most fights

5 Pts- Unbeatable in space combat, through advanced training, luck, cosmic awareness or some other factor.


0 Pts- Worse possible crew imaginable, hampering operations more than no crew would

1 Pt- Extremely poor crew, barely capable of functioning

2 Pts- Below average crew requiring constant supervision and prone to mistakes

3 Pts- Average Crew, capable of performing tasks assigned and expected of them

4 Pts- Above Average Crew, excelling in a variety of areas, and exceeding expectations

5 Pts- Perfect crew, capable of operating without the captain, or performing tasks not humanly possible.

Personal Combat Skills

0 Pts- Unable to fight. Couldn't beat way out of wet paper bag. Possible invalid

1 Pt- Barest ability to defend self.

2 Pts- Can defend self, may have minimal training, or experience

3 Pts- Average abilities, reflecting some training or natural ability

4 Pts- Above average ability and/or advanced training. Wins most fist fights

5 Pts- Master of combat, through advanced training, inherent ability, super human powers or abilities. Formal Martial Arts training or special forces training

Ladies Man

-1 to -5 Pts- Measure of gayness, ranging from mildly, to flaming to super gay

0 Pts- No interest in women, due to robotic nature, etc.

1 Pts- No interest in women, due to marriage

2 Pts- Interested in one woman, or flirts a lot with women

3 Pts- Actively pursues women

4 Pts- Actively pursues women, has multiple relationships and is pursued by women

5 Pts- Has multiple relationships, has women chasing him, is surrounded by beautiful women most fo the time

NOTE: In the event that a subject is distracted by women, or has his judgement seriously impaired, deduct one point.

NOTE: Superhot women Captain involved with may earn a bonus point


0 Pts- Completely uncool. A nerd in space

1 Pt- Slightly cooler than average. Dignified.

2 Pts- Cool as a cucumber. Doesn't ruffled by an situation

3 Pts- Very Cool. Who you'd want to be.

4 Pts- Extremely Cool, Inspires others to be like him

5 Pts- Coolest cat around, everyone around him wants to be him, his name alone inspires others.

NOTE: Extreme nerds, slobs, etc can be awarded 1 point for going beyond the 0 Level, in the same manner that a Hawaiian shirt is so ugly it's cool.

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